Promising New Wireless System from Rode

The Rode Wireless Filmmaker System

I’m often asked to recommend a wireless system.   The good ones are rather expensive (eg. Sennheiser).

I happen to use a Sony system that I got second-hand which works just fine.

But something new just turned up in my in basket. I don’t own it and haven’t tested it. But by all accounts it’s the bees knees. It’s a new level of high tech and easy to use. It’s also affordable (under £300).

Watch the video.

One response

  1. Just bought a Rode filmaker wireless kit and have used it twice for dlsr interviews. Took it out of the box, inserted batteries turned on and voila! No hunting for frequencies, clean strong signal out of the transmitter and good to go. All i had to do was set the audio level in camera and the Rode system did the rest. The mic and sound quality are great. Great buy! — JP in Toronto Canada


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