Supplements to the Book

In this section I will post blog articles related to specific chapters in the book, mainly to allow the viewing of sample videos, but also real examples of a corporate shoot lighting set up. I have often thought of doing this and then, in the heat of production forget all about it, but one day I will shoot the entire process of lighting a corporate video as discussed in the chapter on lighting and condense it into a short video to show the progression.

Links listed below will take you to the supplement to the chapter indicated which will be in blog form and allow comments and questions. We’ll see how that goes.

Chapter 16, Notes on Sound–Supplement

Chapter 16, Notes on Sound–Another Sample

Chapter 12, Corporate Shootouts

Corporate Video Sample–Chapters 12 & 16

Chapter 7, The Filmic Look–Supplement

B roll, What it is. How it can save your bacon

More Bang for the Buck

2 responses

  1. Dear Joe, I bought the book about a week ago and I’ve read a number of chapters since, and I’ve paged through the entire book. Absolutely brilliant! I especially loved the final thoughts “camerawork should be ‘invisible’. … You can get away with ‘fancy camerawork’ (cranes , dollies, hand-held, etc.), but the moment you do it to call attention to your own camera skills, the moment you’ve distracted the audience into the technique that’s being employed in the story-telling, is the moment you’ve violated that contract. On the other hand you have those who do ‘fancy’ camerawork for the sake of fancy camerawork. They shout, “Look at me!” When someone does that at a party, if you’re a charitable person, you satisfy their narcissistic vanity out of politeness. Most of us quietly leave the room at the first opportunity.” Exactly this is the reason I love your style since I saw your video about the X70 (and a lot more afterwards).
    I’ve read the sections and chapters about lighting. I’ve noticed that your lighting kit doesn’t include recent/fashionable/current LED panels. Would you consider writing a supplement (blog) about LED panels? I was especially interested in a minimalist lighting kit containing two or three small but powerful battery powered LED panels/lights. I bought a Manfrotto Maxima-84 Hybrid+ LED light ( ) for my daughter’s camera several months ago. Do you think that 3 of these (or similar or more powerful) would work fine for R’NG lighting more or less as you described in your book?
    Thank You so much, Miki


    • Thanks Miki, I must say I am a total fan of LED technology. Right now my entire house is lit by LEDs. I had checked into LED panels maybe a year ago. They were a bit costly at the time and also not very powerful. I’m sure it’s well advanced by now but I can’t really advise right now without updating myself on the subject. For video production purposes, the main thing to look out for it the light out-put of the units. It was on the low side when I checked (compared with flouros) unless you bought really big units. Anyway more on this subject later because you’re right. It’s not that they’re fashionable. They’re lightweight, small and practical. By the way, having read it, would you mind posting a review on Amazon. Thanks, Joe


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