Sony PXW X70 Updates and 4K Upgrade Procedure

PAC Studios provided this super-secret, practically undiscoverable page on the Sony site somewhere.

This is where you go for firmware updates, and software such as the free Catalyst program and other more robust programs you have to pay for.

Sony Resources Page

On 24 Feb Sony announced the 4K firmware update will be available in June 2015.

Sure enough, here it is:

Sony V2.00 Update

Here are the exact instruction on how to install the update: V2.00 update procedure

4K Upgrade Procedure

Here is a link for the exact procedure in the UK for acquiring the 4K upgrade from HD Warrior 

3 responses

  1. I did the 2.0 a while ago. Was simple enough. I keep getting swamped and haven’t been able to do the 4K yet. I was just about to last week (before something else came up) and had just enough time to get frustrated over WHERE or FROM WHOM to purchase the DAMN KEY. Finally figured that out for the UK ( I really need a quiet period to set it up and thoroughly test it, because it’s a big change and I can not risk any unforeseen problems on my next corporate shoot.
    So, like you, I’m looking for feedback from others who have completed the cycle.


    • Hi Joe – thanks for the reply. I haven’t even done the firmware update yet – I didn’t see any features that grabbed me (I wondered if there were undocumented bug fixes?). Thought I’d wait until I decide to try the 4K update.



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