Lighting for Video That Doesn’t Suck

This was the first video tutorial I ever did. It was a few years back and seems to be what increased interest in and traffic to the Video Whisperer Blog.

It was done using tungsten halogen lamps (which I’ve since sold off), but the principles apply no matter what type of light you use.

I’ll probably re-do this in the future using my new LED lights, but meanwhile this old video may be of some value to those starting off. 

Here’s the original blog posting:

I, like many in the video production field, follow a number of different blogs on the subject of video and marketing.  If you’ve been there, you’ve seen the periodic rants from “professionals” about amateurs coming into the arena with cut prices and little talent with further rants about how the general business public are tolerating amateur video quality.

Like in politics, there’s a grain of truth in that.

And like politics, there are very few professionals left. In politics they used to be called “Statesmen”. And true statesmen never bothered too much with the general rants of press and opposition. They’d just get on with the job and improve things, educate and  lead people by example.

One of the untruths is that the general business public accept low quality. They don’t. Just low quality businesses do. And who wants them for clients anyway?

So maybe there’d be some benefit in providing some real practical knowledge so that those current amateurs (aspiring professionals) can learn a few of the basic conventions that have evolved over the past 100 years or so which form the bedrock of what makes a quality film or video that people will actually want to watch.

Part One is below. Part Two can be found here.

One response

  1. “A message with an emotional impact” – so correct and rare these days. The past month I have been googling and reading: this is by far the BEST EXPLAINED and SHOWN video about the subject. Thank you so much. It can be done so very simple and easy – and with a bit of humor. KISS.


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