Equipment Cases

Equipment Cases


Lightware is a U.S. company that produces, in my opinion, the best series of equipment cases in the world. The reason is covered in the book, but in short, hard cases with foam cut-outs for your equipment are heavy and still transfer shock to your equipment if dropped.

Lightware cases are made of a Lexan shell surrounded by foam and sheathed in a very tough synthetic canvas-type material with movable velcroed partitions inside. You could throw one out of a moving vehicle with near impunity for both the case and your equipment inside, as the case will flex and absorb the shock while your equipment will simply be jostled around slightly within your padded partitions. They’re also light.

Lightware Cases


At the February 2015 BVE (Broadcast Video Exposition) in London I discovered a new case made in Israel (Orca) that rivals the Lightware case and is built on the same principle. Though maybe not quite as robust as the Lightware models, it is less expensive, even lighter, and comes with a very smart built-in LED light that comes in very handy when you’re backstage during a show looking for a spare battery or something.

Orca Cases


If that sounds ‘military’, it is.

This is an exciting new discovery I  made for the perfect lighting and stands case (lights, lighting accessories, microphone stand, tripods, etc.). It was designed for S.W.A.T teams and commandos–who, I guess, were the original run and gunners.

The Perfect Lighting and tripod case


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