Color Temperature, Warts ‘n all

Another old video I did for the Video Whisperer blog.

If you don’t know what color temperature is more means, or would like to know how to control it, this video will explain the basics.

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  1. Hi. Coming to your blogs a bit late, and new to using a video camera. You are providing tons of useful information in an easily digestible manner – many thanks for that.

    One of many things that puzzle me is how to actually perform a white balance in camera. I have seen several internet experts advocating different methods, including the use of a grey card and gadgets like the expodisc, which believe also meters 18% grey. What would you recommendation for a practical and accurate method?




    • Use a white card. It essentially reflects back near 100% of the light spectrum of whatever the source. You’re telling the camera that ‘that is white’ and it will balance its electronics to make it white–and thus render correct colors relative to that light. The grey card is something else.

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