Best FCPX Tutorials


That’s Izzy Hyman.

For years I have been recommending his FCPX tutorials as the best on the internet, particularly for those starting from scratch or ‘trying to figure it out’.  I can’t say I’ve seen all the other available tutorials on FCPX, but when I was getting started I sure tried a bunch of them, including from some of the famous names in the industry and every one of them left me frustrated and confused.  They seemed to assume I knew more than I did. Or they put too much attention on being ‘interesting personalities’, which I could care less about.

Izzy is unpretentious and knows how to teach.

From utter confusion and frustration, he had me up and running and having fun in one day after watching several of his basic tutorials on FCPX.

After completing over 2 hours of his free basic series, I enthusiastically went on to by the ‘pro’ series which moves in to more advanced material. It too was easy to follow. And very inexpensive.

He also has a series on Motion.


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Here’s a link directly to the FCPX tutorials page at