Getting Marketing Mileage out of Seminar, Workshop or Training Video

I recently covered a 90 minute seminar by a Lettings Specialist who has come up with an innovative, sensible and effective approach to get landlords to switch lettings agents. It’s all rather obtuse unless you’re in that industry, but in short lettings agents want more and more properties to manage and properties are owned by landlords. Landlords presumably (unless they’re brand new) already have agents representing their properties. So why change? You have a bank. Can you be bothered to change banks if another comes along touting their services? No. –and that’s the conundrum all lettings agents face.

Anyway it was a fascinating seminar. I covered the whole thing with two cameras, one locked off and one hand-held. I then broke it down into 9 parts which the client will release one by one.

I knew he wanted at least one testimonial video in addition to the whole series, but I saw the potential to produce a couple more ‘teaser’ videos to promote the series in addition to the testimonials video.

This is an example of taking some interesting bits out of a long seminar–or similar event–and producing a video that can be used to promote it. It’s short enough to watch ( a 9 or 10 minute video might put one off in terms of time), and if it contains the ‘go buttons’ (the sort of thing that the guy is interested in), he’ll then want to watch the series.

The main point is, it’s really easy and fast to put together and is a great marketing tool for the client. In this case, it was more than he asked for (I did a couple of these covering different aspects of the seminar in addition to the one he asked for–which was a video with testimonials). In all I gave him 3 different videos to promote his seminar series instead of 1. And I didn’t fleece him either. In fact, having done work with him before, he was so impressed with the result and confident in me, he didn’t even ask for a quote for the job. He knew I’d be fair and would produce a good result. In return, I always give him better value for the money–all of which leads to certain repeat business.

Anyway, here’s one of the ‘teaser videos’ I pulled from the material  followed by the testimonial one–both of which achieve the same purpose.

Even if you’re not in this industry, I think you’ll see that these would effectively interest someone who was to watch the video series being referred to.

( I just checked–he’s released the first 4 videos over the last 3 weeks with 1000 views so far.  That’s better than a kick up the bum.)

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