Chapter 12 and 16 Supplement

This video is a good example for various aspects of corporate video production in the style described on the book Run ‘n Gun Videography–specifically the use of an interview to produce the narrative script and the selection and editing of stock music to make it appear more as if it was specifically scored for your video.

This was a case study, so was longer than the usual video–meant as part of an information package along with other videos and case studies for PTA UK.

The original interview in this case was 70 minutes long. From that I produced this 6 minute version and another 9 minute version, the difference being the longer one started off talking specifically about how the student body was transformed from incorrigible and low grades to one of the most productive student bodies in all of England.

Because there was a lot of history it required some documentation to be able to cover edits in the interview. All I had for this was a small collection of low quality photographs given to me by the school. I was able to make them work to fit my holes. As to the quality, that will be forgiven by most viewers–if not all– because it is obvious that they are old snap shots documenting parts of the history of the school.

The rest of the many edits done to produce this narrative were covered by my own B roll. Notice how the use of ‘walking shots’ B roll can be used to cover just about anything compared with other B roll shots that were more relevant to what was being said.

This was also one of a very few videos where I used two completely different pieces of music, the first covering the beginning of the video in which the ‘problem’ is discussed, and the second more upbeat piece covering the 2nd half of the video which covers the ‘solution’.

This was shot on the Sony PXW X70 in AVCHD mode and can be watched in 1080 HD.

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