Corporate Video Sample

This is another sample of utilizing royalty-free music in such a way that it appears to be scored specifically for the video as covered in Chapter 16 Notes on Music.

It is also an example of a different utilization of interview narrative by an end-user (testimonial) covered in Chapter 12 Corporate Shoot-outs. In this case I had 45 minutes of interview which could have been cut into a full description of the production line and all its benefits with further descriptions of how the contractor set up this massive production line while the facility was still in full production on the old line–an impressive feat.

That edit, however, would have been anywhere between 5 and 7 minutes–far longer than needed to get the marketing message across. So I opted to use the narrative as a book-end to the video (a good beginning piece and a good ending piece) with the full production line featured for most of the video using descriptive graphics suggested by me and then modified slightly by the client who loved the approach.

That gave us a 3 minute video which still accomplished it’s purpose for anyone who might be looking to invest in the automation of a large plant.

Notice that it is the choice of music and how it was used in the edit that makes it all work. This was shot on the Sony PXW X70 in AVCHD mode. It is also the first time I used the LED light panels that I will be doing a review on shortly.

The following video was directed and produced by Leapfrog Marketing (Alan Myers – 0116 278 7788) in association with The Video Whisperer.

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